Wayne Huynh

Wayne is a graphic artist and music producer but mostly focused on design and illustration, working out of his little studio in the heart of San Diego.

Hello! I am a front end fanatic who is highly passionate about all things art.

I carry a strong passion for graphic design, branding, identity, and doing things right for my clients. I love to work and develop a relationship with people, it brings joy and a strong outcome of the work. I feel these are very important aspects to any graphic artist and bring them to each and every project I work on without exceptions.

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I partner with my clients to understand their individual needs

and elevate the value of their brands through thoughtfully designed experiences.

Since forming in 2015, I have remained at the forefront of design direction, implementing tailored solutions with intentional outcomes.

Custom logos and social identity for your project, company, store, etc.
Music Artwork
Eye-catching artwork for your next hit.
Poster/Large Print
Ads or poster for your company, nightclub, bar, etc.
Modern custom apparel, comes with high quality mock-up for web.